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Website promotion in the TOP-10 is an important process for achieving the first positions in search results. The very promotion of the site to the first positions of search engines is necessary for you to quickly start and increase demand for supply A set of measures taken by our team will help your project to take positions on the first page of search results for the right keywords in the shortest possible time.

Work to promote the site in the top 10

Rapid promotion of sites in the top 10 will help increase the flow of customers and lead to increased profits. If you need to bring the site to a leading position, a set of measures is required to promote the site to the top, which consists of a number of important steps:


We do a site audit

Detailed analysis of the resource for compliance with the requirements of the search engine. During the audit, errors are identified that can affect the efficiency of work, indexing by search robots and ranking in search results.


Writing a technical task

We draw up documentation in which we fix all the detailed requirements for the project.


Analysis of the project structure

The logical construction of all pages, categories and subcategories is called a structure. The correctness, consistency and simplicity of the structure has a direct impact on the success and promotion of the site to the top.


Collecting the semantic core

A properly composed semantic core is the basis for the search promotion of a site on the Internet, it is an ordered set of words, their morphological forms and phrases that most accurately characterize the type of activity of the resource.


Meta tag optimization

Proper optimization of meta tags and titles is one of the factors in the formation of search results on demand in search engines and content definition. Properly composed headlines are the foundation of proper optimization and promotion of sites in search engines.


Content writing assignment

The content of the site is all the information content of the resource, correctly presented information will help promote the site to the top for the right queries. Website promotion in the top 10 largely depends on the correct presentation of the content component.


Link building work

A link profile is an integral part of the site, and its construction is one of the main elements of promotion to a leading position. Website promotion in the top 10 will be a very difficult process without a competent approach to working with a link profile.


Site position monitoring

Tracking the position of the site helps to determine where queries are in the search results and take further actions to increase them.


Preparation of reports on work

The report reflects the effectiveness of the work done in a specific time period and helps to understand what results have been achieved.

Benefits of website promotion to the Top

As you know, 90% of traffic from search engines is received by sites that are on page 1. If you decide to order a website promotion in the Top for the keywords you are interested in, then you are making the right choice in favor of one of the most popular optimization services.





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Key words

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Many clients are interested in the question of how quickly their site will be able to take the top positions for the queries of interest. You can order website promotion to the top online, however, it should be borne in mind that promotion depends on so many factors, the average promotion time is:

  • LF requests – from 3 months
  • MF requests – from 6 months
  • HF requests – from 10 months
For promotion in the Top 10, such types of sites are best suited as:

Prices for site promotion in the top


low and medium up to 50 requests

up to 50 requests

up to 10 promoted pages

from 200 $

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medium and high competitive topics

up to 100 requests

up to 20 promoted pages

from 400 $

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medium and high competitive topics

up to 200 requests

up to 40 promoted pages

from 600 $

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Get a project promotion plan

Leave a request and our specialists will conduct a short audit, with the help of which they will prepare commercial proposals for seo optimization and website promotion.

We promote sites of all topics to the top

Thanks to our vast experience in SEO, we will be able to promote sites of any subject to the TOP.

Promotion of construction sites

Promotion of tourist sites

Promotion of automotive sites

Promotion of medical websites

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Frequently asked Questions

The cost is formed based on factors such as:

  • Niche competition
  • Number of requests
  • Internal optimization work
  • Works on external optimization

If the result is needed instantly, then it is better to order contextual advertising.

But if you are aiming for free traffic, then you should order search engine promotion of the site.

In our digital-web agency, the minimum starts from $200 and depends on the type of project, its refinement and the cost of the customer’s wishes. An individual price for promoting a site to the top was developed for a commercial offer.

The average time range for visible results is from 3 months to bring the project to the top for highly competitive requests, approximately at least 8 months.

How to order website promotion on the Internet

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For our clients, a loyalty system operates with full payment for 3, 6, 12 months of promotion in the amount of 5% 10% 15%. Don’t miss your opportunity to get a discount right now.

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