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Website development for business is an effective way to scale and adapt to modern trends.

Website development in Kiev from Digital-Web

Website development in Kiev is a fundamental part of building a business on the Internet, it is a great way to expand the boundaries of your business and attract new customers and increase the number of sales.

Website development of any type and complexity

Digital-web is ready to develop a website of any type and complexity, with an individual approach to each project. We can perform work on the design, creation and programming of any web resources. Here you can order website development from landing page to large-scale online stores.

Turnkey website development

A set of actions aimed at ensuring that the client receives a ready-to-use Internet project. It is very easy to order the development of a turnkey website, for this you need to sign an agreement and discuss the terms of reference.

Development of online stores

Online stores are the most popular sites today, they are an integral part of modern business. Competent development of an online store allows you to scale your business and increase sales.

Development of a corporate website

An ideal solution for companies in any field of activity, a high-quality and professionally made corporate website helps to improve the company’s image and will always be relevant.

Website Development Services

This type of site containing information about the services provided, allows you to get closer to your own customers. Ideal for small and medium businesses, restaurants, clinics, dentistry, beauty salons, car services.

Development of an information site

An information portal is a site that displays news, popular and interesting content on the search network. This type of site can be a good source of income with the right approach to the development and optimization of the resource.

Business card website development

A business card site is one or more pages on which information about the company is presented. The development of a business card site carries relatively low financial costs for creation, it is ideal for novice entrepreneurs and companies.

SEO support during website development

By following the technical recommendations of SEO specialists at the stage of website creation, you can get a perfectly functioning project that meets user requests and the technical requirements of search engines.

Refinement of your sites

This set of measures is designed to troubleshoot problems, terminate the work of previous webmasters, improve the site by adding new blocks, modules, programs and plugins.

Development landing - page

Landing is a special type of site optimized to induce action on the Internet. A high-quality landing page is an effective way to attract customers. With its help, you can bring a new product to the market and increase the number of sales.

Prices for website development in Kiev

Estimation of the cost of a site depends on its type and functional component. It is influenced by the amount of time in working hours from the start of work to the release of the project. The price of website development in Kiev for each project is individual, in our company the development cost starts from 8000 hryvnia.

What affects the cost of website development?

Website development cost:

Development costPrice, UAH.

Website development in Kiev

from 12000UAH

Business card sites

from 12000UAH

Online shops

from 50000UAH

Information sites

from 60000UAH

Websites on WordPress

from 14000UAH

Websites on OpenCart

from 14000UAH

Websites on Joomla

from 14000UAH

Websites on the Constructor

from 12000UAH

Sites on WIX

from 12000UAH

Sites on Tilda

from 12000UAH

Service sites

from 12000UAH

Landing page

from 8000UAH

Development of an online furniture store

from 50000UAH

Development of an online store of stationery

from 50000UAH

Development of an online clothing store

from 50000UAH

Small and medium-sized businesses

from 12000 UAH

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E-commerce projects

from UAH 50000

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Information resources

from 60000 UAH

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English-language projects

from UAH 40000

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Websile CMS What is it suitable for Price, UAH
BlogBusiness card websiteOnline shopService siteE-commerceLanding Page
WordPress++++from 14000
Joomla++++from 14000
OpenCart++from 50000
Tilda++++from 8000
Wix++++from 8000
1С-Bitrix++from 50000
Drupal++++from 14000

We will reveal the possibilities of your business

Stages of website development



At the consultation stage, we will answer all questions related to the development, operation and promotion of the site, share our experience in creating sites. Consultations can take place in any convenient format, by phone, in person, via skype or zoom


Defining the goals of the website development

At this stage, we analyze the project, determine its type, choose a CMS, analyze the required functionality, and determine the amount of work.


Signing the contract

We take care of our clients and work officially and document everything. The entire list of works, terms and cost are fixed in the contract.


Development of technical specifications

Terms of reference for the development of a site is a document that contains general information about the project, requirements for the structure, design, content and functions of the site.


Website layout creation

When developing a site layout, we take into account all the wishes of the client, we visualize the image of the future site, creating a diagram that graphically displays the location of all the main elements of the project structure.



When the layout is ready, the programmers start to combine the site design with its functional part. The website programming process includes layout, installation of a content management system and implementation of functional modules.


Responsive layout

We develop site pages that adapt to all types of mobile devices and display correctly in all types of browsers.


Website content

Filling or filling the site with content is the final stage in creating a site. Competent filling of the resource with relevant material that will attract future users is one of the foundations of internal SEO optimization.


Website launch

After confirming the successful test results, we upload the site to hosting and send it to release. From this moment on, your business starts operating in the online space.

Benefits of Website Development

We develop websites of all subjects

We have vast experience, thanks to which we can develop sites of any type

Development of construction sites

Development of sites for tourism topics

Automotive websites development

Development of medical websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Before choosing a CMS site, you need to decide on its purpose. If you need a large online store, then you should choose OpenCart, Tilda is suitable for a landing page, an information portal can be made in WordPress.

Leave a request and we will advise and help you make the right choice.

The cost of the site is influenced by many factors; it is calculated individually based on the type and complexity of the project being developed. In our company, prices for the site start at 8000 hryvnia.

Terms of website implementation in our company are from 4 to 10 weeks. Terms of website development depend on the type and required functionality. Our goal is to create a high-quality website without breaking the deadlines

Our company has implemented many successful projects, has tremendous experience in the development of sites of any type and complexity. All our specialists have a high level of qualifications, cooperating with us you will receive the following benefits:

Simple and clear communication with the customer.

We set and adhere to clear deadlines, which allows us to constantly monitor all business processes.

We approach your tasks individually.

If you need a team that will help you develop any type of site competently and professionally, we are ready to discuss your project.

Leave a request and we will contact you soon