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Order website development on Tilda

Modern trends in the development of a site on a tilde from the digital webcompany is an effective way to scale your business..

Order website development on Tilda

Digital-web company is engaged in professional development of sites on the Tilda platform. Creating websites on this constructor has its advantages, namely simplicity, convenience and affordable cost. The tilde platform is the best solution for creating corporate websites, blogs, training sites and may well be suitable for developing an online store. One of the competitive advantages of the tilda platform is that you can use ready-made blocks with embedded graphics, animation and text to build a simple site, but if you need a site designed to suit the needs and characteristics of your business, an individual design, we advise you to contact Digital- web.

Creating sites on tilda has a number of advantages

Any modern company needs to be adequately represented in the Internet space. This requires a website. To date, the Tilda platform is one of the most functional options. Creating a site on Tilda is suitable for any field of activity, progressive companies, restaurants and small online stores. Making a website on a tilde in the digital-web studio will be the best solution for both existing and start-up businesses. Detailed project analytics will help make the site convenient and understandable for users, while studying and in-depth analysis of competitors in a niche allows you to create a unique selling proposition. Разработка сайта на Tilda имеет такие преимущества:
  • The platform allows you to create any type of website
  • Availability of training videos
  • Modern elements of animation and graphics
  • Convenient control panel
  • Choice of tariff plan
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Wide range of features
Also, the platform allows you to set up language versions, develop promotional codes, connect online payments, and even set up a personal account. But due to the peculiarities of the platform, the functionality of the personal account is limited. This platform has its drawbacks, which include:
  • No database access
  • Restriction for placing files and videos
  • 5,000 item limit
  • The uniformity of the proposed templates
But with the right approach, a professional tilde website developer can level them. Projects developed on this platform are often ordered to launch Google Adscontextual advertising. Tilda allows you to set up the Merchant Center, which is very important for running product ads on google, as well as for those who want to order an online store on tilda. Projects created on the Tilda constructor have the ability to set up payment systems, integrate popular CMS and connect all the necessary analytics services. All this is just the basic advantages that attract sites on Tilda in Kyiv. In practice, the platform has a lot of useful functions for business.

Stages of creating a site on Tilda

Filling out the brief

Structural elaboration

Project design

Adaptation and prototyping

Filling with information

Setting up feedback forms

When developing, it is important to research competitors in a niche, study the target audience and find examples of web resources that you like. If there is a ready-made structure and content, this is already a big plus, in the case when this is not the case, we recommend ordering the “seo support during development” service. It is much easier to promote a web resource in search engines if the requirements of search engines were foreseen at the creation stage. The price and terms of creating a site on a tilde depends on individual requirements and the type of project. Landing on tilde takes two to five days, while developing an online store on tilde, on average, takes two to six weeks.

What are the features of the platform Tilda?

The block editor is the main feature of the constructor. Pages can be assembled from ready-made blocks of which there are more than 600 options in the library. All blocks are designed with the correct ratio of sizes and indents. This allows you to create a full-fledged site on which you can set up online payment, as well as track its conversions, quickly post and change its content, quickly add or delete pages. You can immediately set up data collection forms, which will allow you not only to receive information about users, but also to improve interactions with them, timely reporting about discounts and promotions. Data collection forms can contain all the necessary information about the user – name, phone number, mail. Tilda allows you to set up integration with telegram or slack to notify you of received orders. The platform is also attractive because you can connect services for online communication in it, this will be a useful and necessary feature for educational projects.

We will reveal the possibilities of your business

The cost and terms of creating a site on Tilda

When ordering a site on a tilde, the price and terms will directly depend on its type, structure and content volume. Also, the complexity and degree of uniqueness of the design of the project will be taken into account, since design development often requires special attention. Absolutely justified there is a huge difference in price between a template one-page landing page and a full-fledged online store with a unique design. A business card website will also cost an order of magnitude cheaper than a tilde store. Based on the implementation of many projects, we can safely say that in addition to technical competence, in order to improve and achieve our goals, it is necessary to understand the client’s business niche. If you order development from Digital-web, you will receive the best price, specific deadlines, well-established communication and professional project support during the development process.

Why is it worth ordering a site on Tilda from us?

Digital-web creates sites on the platform Tilda Publishing at the expert level. Our portfolio includes more than 100 completed projects. Huge experience on Tilda (more than 10 years) guarantees the quality of the result. When developing the concept of the project, our specialists always take into account the specifics of the client’s field of activity. If necessary, it is possible to connect and use the necessary third-party services. In addition, we are always ready to offer a scheme for promoting your goods or services online. The Digital-web studio is maximally focused on results and optimization of all current processes, therefore it is ready to offer the whole range of works related to adding and deleting products, pages, updating prices, availability information, as well as technical support for the resource as part of the service package “Tilda site support”.

Benefits of cooperation with Digital web:

  • Individual design
  • Customer focus
  • Democratic value
  • Development speed
  • Great experience
  • Result Guaranteed

Order a site on Tilda in Digital-web

A well-designed website is a powerful and effective start for a business. First of all, this is the result of a huge analytical work, the choice of an effective strategy and the construction of a concept, which together allow you to create a powerful service, a tool to increase sales and attract new potential customers. Tilda Publishing is a versatile platform. It is ideal for developing and promoting: landing pages, delivery sites, corporate sites and small online stores. Through the admin panel, you can connect Tilda colored-h”>Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. The system also has built-in analytics, in which you can see the browsing depth, the number of orders, track traffic channels, page popularity and user activity. All of these tools will allow you to interact well with users and give you an understanding of how you can improve the functionality and interface. Quality results, professionalism, good communication, meeting deadlines and deadlines, as well as transparent processes are the main principles of creating a site on Tilda at Digital-web. If you need to develop a site on a tilde, just leave a request or call the number indicated, our employees will answer all questions and provide detailed information, focusing on the specifics of your project.

Landing on Tilda

from 6000 UAH

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Corporate website on Tilda

from 10000 UAH

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Online store on Tilda

from 15000 UAH

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Creating a landing page on Tilda

The Tilda platform is one of the best landing page builders. It allows you to change blocks, auto-correct words and phrases, and also switch the language of the site depending on the parameters of the link or region. Landing page with a tilde is one of the key tools in increasing sales and brand awareness. Increase sales, increase conversion and attract new customers – all this can be achieved by ordering a tilde landing page from us.

Creating a business card site on Tilda

The Tilda platform is one of the best landing page builders. It allows you to change blocks, auto-correct words and phrases, and also switch the language of the site depending on the parameters of the link or region. Landing page with a tilde is one of the key tools in increasing sales and brand awareness. Increase sales, increase conversion and attract new customers – all this can be achieved by ordering a tilde landing page from us.

Development corporate website on Tilda

Corporate site on Tilda is one or more pages, the purpose of which is to introduce the user to the company. On such a site, you can describe the type of activity and place the advantages of the company. Corporate site on Tilda demonstrates the image of the company, its history and achievements.

Creation of online store on Tilda

Projects such as an online store are one of the most promising and economical solutions in the field of modern business tools. It is suitable for companies with a certain range of products – the platform allows you to place up to 5000 items of goods. You can make a restaurant website in tilde, with which users can book a table or order food delivery to their homes. You can connect a number of payment systems to the online store on Tilda to pay for goods or services. Tilda has many options for accepting payments, these can be Mastercard and Visa, systems Google Pay, Apple Pay or Fondy. You can set up a email mailing list with information about the delivery and payment of goods, connect the New Mail module and many more functions.

Create service website on Tilda

The Tilda platform is one of the best landing page builders. It allows you to change blocks, auto-correct words and phrases, and also switch the language of the site depending on the parameters of the link or region. Landing page with a tilde is one of the key tools in increasing sales and brand awareness. Increase sales, increase conversion and attract new customers – all this can be achieved by ordering a tilde landing page from us.

Synchronization of Tilda and Poster

For those who do business in HoReCa, we can synchronize the site on Tilda with Poster system. This will make it possible to receive information from a web resource directly to the terminal, which will greatly facilitate the work. Synchronization of Tilda with the Poster system takes 3 to 5 working days, the cost depends on the complexity of the work and is calculated individually.

Tilde sites are ideal for businesses like:

Website development on Tilda turnkey

If needed make a website turnkey Tilda, Digital-web will help you with this task. It should be borne in mind that the format of the project, the number of pages, design, content and individual wishes of the client affect the timing and cost. We can develop your own individual design for you or adapt it to your desired website. The price of a turnkey site on Tilda will depend on a number of factors during development. We focus on high standards, making websites convenient and beautiful. It is these projects that will definitely bring positive results for business.

Examples of our work on Tilda

We have vast experience, thanks to which we can develop sites on Tilda of any type.

Website development on Tilda

If you already have a finished project, but due to certain circumstances you could not fully implement your ideas, Digital-web can audit the state of the resource and fix existing problems. Thus, finalizing the site on the tilde will not take you extra time and will be done professionally and efficiently. Contact the numbers indicated and we will help you solve all your problems. If you need website developer on tilde for consultation and technical issues, leave your details we will contact you within a business day. Digital-web is ready not only to implement new projects, but also to provide Tilde website support for clients.

What modifications can be ordered?

Everything is very individual and depends on the wishes of the client and the type of site being developed.
  • Tilda landing page development takes up to 7 to 10 working days.
  • Development of sites up to 10 pages takes 10 to 15 working days.
  • It will take at least 20 working days to develop an online store on a tilde.
Design time is affected by:
  • Number of site pages
  • Number of blocks per page
  • Project Design
  • Site Features
  • Packing content
  • Analytics and provisioning
  • Writing a specification
  • Developing the project structure
  • Project Design
  • Layout
  • Adapt for devices
  • 404 page settings
  • Connecting Forms
  • Domain Connect
  • Including metrics
  • Testing
  • Project content

In this matter, it is important to understand what type of product you are interested in. If you plan to place goods through the catalog, then the maximum number of goods on Tilda will be 5000. This format is suitable for stores or delivery sites. Also, it is recommended to break the products into subsections and display them in blocks on separate pages. If you add a product through the pages, the maximum quantity will be 500.

There are two tariffs on the Tilda Publishing platform, Personal and Business.

The Personal tariff allows you to place 1 site on a tilde, the cost will be 2400 UAH per year. The Business tariff allows you to place 5 projects, its cost will be 4800 UAH per year.

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